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Why Hire a Day Of Wedding Coordinator?

Your wedding planning starts with a yes, then you write some ideas down, check out a few Pinterest pages and then what?

You end up with a notebook of ideas, expectations and a lot of to do lists! Planning your dream wedding can easily take over your life, becoming a bit overwhelming and you may need help tying up loose ends.  Hiring a day-of-wedding coordinator can help alleviate some of the stress and assist with final details.

A Wedding Coordinator is behind the scenes ensuring that everyone is doing their job bringing all the elements together. It’s your ship, the wedding coordinator is a captain running that ship so you have calm seas and smooth sailing!

As much as you prepare for your wedding day, sometimes things don’t go as planned. It’s easier if someone other than friends or family is there to handle that for you. You shouldn’t be bothered with having to make decisions, checking to see if people are where they are supposed to be, dealing with vendors, and ensuring that your timeline is adhered to. You don’t need to be worrying if your flowers are in the right place, the room set-up is correctly, or if the candles are lit.

The job of a day-of-wedding coordinator is making sure that your day goes according to your vision. To help coordinate times with vendors, ensuring that they provide the services that they were contracted to do. Assisting with the flow of the day, and making minor modifications if there are unplanned surprises (delayed in start, late wedding party, transportation issues, weather, etc.).

The wedding coordinator ensures that vendors have timeline and it’s followed according to your wishes. It’s important to be able to gauge the day and allow a little flexibility depending on how the flow is going. If your photos take a little longer or dinner is a little later, it’s up to the wedding coordinator to keep vendors apprised of this and handle adjustments as needed. It’s not only a timeline, but a checklist that has important details of how you want your day to go.

Another function of the day-of wedding coordinator is to “wrangle the wedding party”. People can be unpredictable, lose track of time, or just aren’t sure where they are supposed to be. The coordinator can take charge and help balance personalities and keep people where they need to be.

The week before your wedding you’ll have a final meeting with the venue. Your wedding coordinator will attend your last meeting and can be made available for conference calls. Every bride I work with says that they want their day to be memorable, and fun. They want to enjoy it, and live it. Hire someone that will allow you to step away from the details so you can have fun and not worry about anything except making.

You are marrying the love of your life, surrounded by the people that you love. A wedding coordinator helps to keep it a stress free, and one of the best days of your life.