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Backyard Elegance With an Outdoor Chandelier

Entertaining for a party or small gathering?

Impress your guests with an outdoor chandelier!  This is an easy DIY craft that will make your backyard or deck elegant and beautiful. And it’s easy!

Replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with inexpensive solar lights.   You can get creative and add colored solar lights if you wish.  Find an old chandelier from a yard sale, thrift shop or use something you may have in your home that you are looking to replace. Remove all the electrical wiring. Wait and buy the solar lights after you’ve found the right chandelier.  Remove the bottom portion of the solar light (tube should slide off easily) and hot glue the base into your chandelier.

Add some crystals with wire (Christmas tree ornaments) or crystal garland from any craft store. You can choose to paint it or leave it for a rustic look.

Hang it from a tree branch or gazebo.  Make sure the tree gets enough light or your chandelier won’t remain lit or bright for very long.

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