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Best Graduation Party Tips

Throwing a graduation party can bring friends and family together to celebrate your child’s success.  High school graduation parties tend to be more informal than college graduation parties, but both require some planning.

Graduation Party Tips

Set a Budget:  Having a set budget helps you to decide what your are willing to spend.  The important thing is to stick with it.  Glitter everything is great, but not always necessary.

Save the Dates & Invitations: Send a Save the Date in advance of the graduation invites. Graduation season is a busy time of year so you want to make sure your guests mark the date on their calendars.

Guest List: The size of your guest list is the biggest factor in your budget.  The more people, the higher the cost of food, supplies, etc.  A graduation party guest list includes family and friends of the family. It also includes the graduate’s friends and sometimes, their families.

Venue: High school grads have different interests and tastes from college grads. Therefore, many high school graduation parties take place at someone’s home or at a local restaurant. College graduation parties may also take place at someone’s home, a restaurant, or even on a boat cruise or rented venue.

Decorations: Graduation party planning is no different from any other type of party planning. That means that graduation party decorations will be an important part of your planning. Custom congratulation banners, photo signs and large boards allow your guests to write personal notes to the graduate and becomes a memento of the event.  You may want to incorporate your school colors into the decor.  Graduation cap centerpieces for the tables or balloons and flowers are classic party decorations that will help you transition your event space to a fun graduation party atmosphere.

Menu: The food is always a big component to any party. Buffet meals work best in graduation parties.  It keeps the guests moving and socializing, and no one is tied to a table.  This helps to keep guest circulating and mingling with other guests which is always a good thing!  For a very casual event, you may want to consider a potlock party approach.

Guests:  Prepare a list of hotels for out of town guests, or reserve a block of rooms before the rush!  Having fun goodie bags waiting for guests at the hotel check in is also a fun idea.  I’ve been to many events where a bottled water and homemade cookies made the long drive worth it!

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